Cannabis Stocks
Cannabis Science (CBIS):
A U.S. Company specializing in cannabis formulation-based drug development.
Recent testing of the cannabis harvested using EU certified as well as its own
unique strains produced end results indicating that whole extracts to be produced
will contain upward of 20% CBD and less than 10% THC.
These numbers are significant based on expected treatment regimes for many
ailments. The Company continues investigating both its unique cannabinoid strains
as well as promising strains from around the world for multiple pre-clinical drug
development programs targeting Cancer, Neurological Disorders, and other
targeted critical ailments.  
Chuma (CHUM):
With wholly-owned subsidiaries provide turnkey financing and support solutions to
the rapidly evolving and growing legal cannabis industry. They provide "seed to sale"
key business services including financing, compliance consulting, dispensary
solutions, banking and payment processing solutions, and marketing and sales
consulting. Chuma's experienced team has over thirty-five years combined
experience in the lawfully organized cannabis industry in California, and we are
currently generating revenue from existing financing and service solutions. We are
planning on expanding throughout California and bringing our array of services to
each new state that legalizes the use of cannabis.
Medbox, Inc., (MDBX):
Through its subsidiaries, provides patented biometrically controlled medicine
storage and dispensing systems to the medical and retail industries.  The company
offers Medbox, a biometric medicine dispensing machine that dispenses herbal and
prescription medications to individuals based on biometric identification primarily
for pharmacies, assisted living facilities, prisons, hospitals, and doctors’ offices.
Its products also include Safe Access Storage Lockers that are used by medium to
large mail-order chains; Medbox medicine storage machines; and Lockbox Rx, a
storage/retrieval system that is used for prescription medication, over-the-counter
medicines, and other pharmacy products. In addition, the company provides
Sample-Safe, a wall-mounted unit for use in doctor’s offices; sells the point-of-sale
system that includes a monitor, keyboard, credit card reader, and computer with
interface; and offers Medbox OTC machines, a non-biometric machine for
over-the-counter items, as well as sells various vaporizer and accessory products,
such as miVape, through online and distribution partners.  
Medical Marijuana Inc. (MJNA):
A leading cannabis and industrial hemp industry innovator. The Company devoted
an extensive amount of time and resources to secure its position in the industry as
the trusted source of natural hemp cannabidiol (CBD) oil. Operations focused on
raw material sources, streamlining processes and securing key positions in areas
including: quality assurance, product development, marketing, public relations and
business development. We are extremely pleased to report the Company's third
quarter 2014 operating and developmental highlights.
MJ Holdings, Inc. (MJNE):
Acquires and leases real estate to licensed marijuana growers and dispensary
owners in the United States. It provides turnkey growing space and related
facilities. The company was formerly known as Securitas EDGAR Filings, Inc. and
changed its name to MJ Holdings, Inc. in February 2014. MJ Holdings, Inc. was
founded in 2005 and is based in Miami, Florida.
The MaryJane Group, Inc., (MJMJ):
Through its subsidiaries, provides financing, marketing, advertising, lodging, and
entertainment services for the recreational marijuana industry. The company offers
short- and long-term financing to assist marijuana growers and retail establishments
engaged in the manufacture and distribution of recreational marijuana. It also
conducts Colorado cannabis tour experiences; and provides contracted services
for professional photography, graphic design services, limousines and party buses
rentals, music recording and sound engineering, custom T-shirt manufacturing,
event planning, and fundraising, as well as guest package that comprises food,
drink, and marijuana and marijuana edibles. The company was formerly known as
Pladeo Corp. and changed its name to The MaryJane Group, Inc. in April 2014. The
MaryJane Group, Inc. is based in Denver, Colorado.